Staff members

The CERC team is a small but dedicated group of people who are committed to exposing corruption and build integrity in our society.

Heri Bitamala | Executive Director 

He is responsible for the overall supervision and management of the organisation, in consultation with the Administration Counsil.

He is in charge of strengthening relationships with donors and fostering partnerships with other entities by pursuing a strategic and policy dialogue. He’s resposable for partnership with civil society organisations active in the field of anti-corruption. He is also  create link between CERC with relevant public institutions and government officials in the provincial and national level.

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Me Albert Msabya | Head of Administration, Advocacy and Policy Engagement

Provide Human Resources Leadership and Management across CERC, lead the identification and development of improved recruitment and retention approaches, oversee staff development, develop Staff Wellbeing and oversee the administration for CERC’s Main Office and also coordination with program-based Staff.

He has a pivotal role in establishing and maintaining relations with law enforcement, preventive, judicial and other anti-corruption bodies in provincial and national level, other CERC partners, representatives of international organizations, and non-governmental organizations; Identifies, develops and implements new and improved policies and ways of working to support achievements of the strategic objectives of CERC, in coordination with CERC’s Director.


Ms Daniella Tchango | Finance Manager

The Finance Manager is in charge of planning and executing all financial activities in the Office in accordance with relevant laws, internal and donors’ financial policies and procedures. Also, she oversees the execution of all projects’ related budgets, facilitates recruitment processes and oversees activities of project staff and coordinates quarterly narrative and financial reporting and prepare and submit reporting to donors.

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Ms Hawa Kangeta | Administrative Secretary and GESI Advisor

She support the implementation of the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Strategy and ensure that the planning, delivery and monitoring of training and support activities are gender responsive and collaborate with the Programme Manager, the M&E Officer and the Advocacy and Legal Advisor to identify and address barriers and challenges faced by young women in accessing sustainable integrity building trainings and support mechanisms.


Programme Department – under management of the Executive Director

Provide leadership and direction for the programme, Ensure that the human resources needed for project implementation are identified, recruited and managed in accordance with programme requirements, Oversee regular, quarterly monitoring of programme results and activities through the established monitoring and evaluation system. Supervise mid-term evaluation,  Pilot Most Significant Change methodology in selected projects, Prepare and monitor  programme work plan and oversight of CERC work plans to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of results and activities.


Mr Byalukiza Kanana Leon | Monitoring and Evaluation Officer: 

His many responsibilities are to develop and strengthen monitoring, inspection and evaluation procedures, monitor all project activities, expenditures and progress towards achieving the project output, recommend further improvement of the logical frame work, develop monitoring and impact indicator for the project success, monitor and evaluate overall progress on achievement of results, monitor the sustainability of the project’s results, provide feedback to the Project Manager on project strategies and activities, suggest strategies to the Project Management for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the project, report monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual progress on all project activities to the Project Manager, conduct capacity assessment on existing monitoring and evaluation system Develop indicators and a monitoring strategy for the project, provide inputs, information and statistics for quarterly, annual and other reports to Project Management Team and participate in annual project reviews and planning workshops and assist the Project Manager in preparing relevant reports and Support monitoring and evaluation of the effects and impact of the project.

Mr Bitundwa Ruhindisha| Project Coordinator

Project coordinator work to assist Project Manager with the coordination of resources, equipment, meetings, and information. They organize projects with the goal of getting them completed on time and within budget.


Mr Loketo Evariste | Communication and Medias Officer

The  is responsible for devising various outreach strategies that emphasize CERC’s impact on curbing corruption at the national and international levels, as well as regularly updating CERC’s official web-site with relevant contents.



  • Heri Bitamala

    When leaders are not controlled and no punishment exists, citizens should not expect anything from them. The problem in Congo is corruption, impunity, mismanagement that push back the country. And it is for me the occasion to encourage those who initiated this center whose mission is to fight against corruption, the source of bad governance. I recommend to the center to mobilize and raise about the civil society involvement to fight against corruption.