I live in failing state where government are unable to rebuild the country while it’s potentially one of the richest countries on world. This notable failure gives the opportunity to the people to put their civic duties into action to monitor the government and development actions thus declaring their fundamental rights. Citizens are the foundation of democracy and their involvement creates a climate of peace and trust between government and citizens.

Heri Bitamala, Executive Director

Most laws in the DRC are enacted without citizen’s consultation! And that does not address the true needs and aspirations of a whole people! All the Great States have been reconstituted through the needs expressed locally and also taking into account the resources available locally. The trainings delivered by CERC awakens citizens conscience to reinforce integrity and good governance in this country and works toward their own community development.

Byalukiza Kanana

When leaders are not controlled and no punishment exists, citizens should not expect anything from them. The problem in Congo is corruption, impunity, mismanagement that push back the country. And it is for me the occasion to encourage those who initiated this center whose mission is to fight against corruption, the source of bad governance. I recommend to the center to mobilize and raise about the civil society involvement to fight

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Cheko Bagalwa Flavien, Community Monitor

Lots of work to be done by the International community in this area, we’re all working for the same goal as the future generation of children depend on inheriting a world better than the one that we currently have.

Philomena O’Gradys