Founded on April 15, 2017, in Uvira by some law and finance experts regrouped around its founder Mr Heri Bitamala, the Center for Research on Anti-Corruption is a non-profit organization from civil society, in the foreground to fight against corruption.

To help youth and policymakers implement positive ideas of integrity, Since its foundation, CERC promote positive change in communities by building knowledge and skills among youth.

CERC has been locally registered by the territorial division of Social Affairs under the number 08/010/AF.SOC/TU/2017 and authorized to operate under 5072/08/002/TU/2017 of 20 July 2017.

Accredited as of 09 November 2017, CERC has a CERTIFICAT DE DEPOT – JUST.112/DP-SK/CA/5258/2017 and Notarial Act – JUST.113/DP-SK/CC/005/2017 of November 09, 2017, documents which granted to CERC the prerogatives to operate around all provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The thematic work of CERC focuses on several key issues directly related to the perspectives of integrity and good governance: the fight against corruption, gender, the role of civil society organizations, the impact of aid to development and the effect of good and bad governance.